Hot Lake Resort
La Grande - Hot Lake Resort – Constructed in 1907 and located in eastern Oregon. The site  was once considered the "mayo
clinic of the west" because of the hot springs. In its early history  it was a state-of-the-art medical facilities including a hospital
and surgery room with the most modern X-ray and radiation treatments of the time.
The hotel burned down in 1934 leaving only the brick frame. It was rebuilt and its long history includes its use as a hotel,  and
hospital and finally a nursing home in the 1970's. Though it has been rumored that Hot Lake was also used as a insane asylum
there is no evidence to support this claim.

Use of the complex continued to decline until about 1991 when it became abandoned, changing ownership several times. It has
been rumored to be haunted by the souls of many who died as a result of experiments performed when the hotel was an
insane asylum. It is also alleged to be haunted by a gardener who committed suicide.
When the hotel was originally constructed it acquired a piano formerly owned by Robert E. Lee's wife. The music is rumored
to be heard to this very day.

June of 2008, OPI having heard so many  rumors of paranormal activity at Hot Lake Resort decided to visit it firsthand. No
longer a building in complete shambles, the owners have made great progress in bringing Hot Lake resort back to life.
Unable to secure for an overnight investigation we were allowed to tour the buildings and grounds. We were told numerous
times by one staff member that the location did not have any indications of experiencing paranormal activities.   
Another staff member did state after requesting their name not be used that strange things are felt and sometimes heard. The
staff member also stated that the new owners were so concern about the history of activity at the location that they had the
building and grounds cleansed and blessed.

OPI did not experience any unusual activity during our visit nor could we confirm any statements made to us.  We can say
that it's worth a visit and maybe an overnight stay.