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OPI has permanently relocated out of Oregon. We will continue investigations across
the USA and across the world. We will soon link this web site to our new site and
name. January 2017.

We have always held to the conviction that it’s not the intent of our website to set
forth proof of spirit manifestation.  Our website merely attempts to present to the
general public some of the aspects of  investigations and how you may find common
ground in those experiences.  As always, our primary goal is t
o bring assistance to
flesh bound and r
esolve to the  unseen.

Please note that we DO NOT label a location as an 'investigation' simply because we
show up there. A proper investigation requires a timely, systematic, educated
approach, from start to end. What many define as an investigation, in reality is
nothing more than what we label as a 'walk-about'.

WHO WE ARE AND WHAT WE DO:   We  are small, professional team of experienced investigators with an extensive
background and proven history of expertise in the paranormal. We investigate all manner of claims of the paranormal, including
strange animal sightings to reports of  unidentified objects. We are the only professional paranormal organization on the west
with a full time investigator and  I intentionally keep our organization to a select few. Our full time commitment to the study
and investigation of the unexplained sums up the seriousness of who we are! Our investigations take us across the state, nation
and at times across the world.

Its our passion that allow us to pursue the paranormal world, not for personal recognition or profiting from the selling of website
trivial merchandise. We do not and will not sell merchandise or provide advertising space on our website in the attempts to profit
from those experiencing fear and misery in the paranormal world.  While there are those with good intentions and commendable,
they are a dangerous substitute for experience, proper investigation techniques, evidence collection, review, presentation and
potential spirit removal. At OPI we are here to help those that sincerely need help and direction.

Our primary purpose is to help those that are experiencing unexplained and unusual phenomenon. While some unusual
phenomenon can be explained based upon man made or natural causes, other events may be a result of paranormal activity.
Investigations, are conducted in a manner combining a common sense approach utilizing modern electronic equipment, research,
collection of physical data. Our founder has over 38 years in Occult studies and the paranormal field. All investigations are
strictly confidential unless otherwise authorized. We are NOT a ghost group, meet up group or a collection of amateur

When investigating the paranormal, we make every effort to find legitimate answers to unexplained phenomenon. Additionally,
there may be times when all approaches are unable to fully explain paranormal events in question. In the paranormal field, not
every question ends with an answer. We will not attempt to create elaborate conclusions for unanswerable questions. Our primary
and overall goal is to help you, by seeking out the root causes for the unexplained.

Our investigation report includes recommendations based on evidence collected. We ABSOLUTELY WILL NOT base an
investigation and report on impressions and feelings.  The 'impression' approach is most often utilized method for client
reporting. It is the most unethical and unprofessional approach that anyone, amateur or professional organization can take. Its
inherent weakness, is that its NOT based on any factual evidence, hence the term, 'subjective' and requires little or no
investigation skills. It will definitely affect the mental well being of the clients while allowing the alleged psychic the convenience
of distortion.

If evidence supports, OPI will offer Cleansing, Blessing/Removal, and Spirit Rescue on a needed and requested basis.

Oregon Paranormal Investigations,  has no affiliated groups, additional abbreviated websites, group
names, face book accounts, my space accounts or meet up groups. OPI operates and maintains only this
site and is totally independent from all outside sources.
Carl Sagan was correct in asserting that "extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence,but that does not mean that anything ordinary
should be not be examined."
Copyright © 2005 by Oregon Paranormal Investigations. All Rights Reserved.
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